2K Technology

2K injection technology offers several important advantages:


  • Excellent bonding between components, superior to most adhesives
  • Easy & compact design
  • Multiple sealing functions (fluids, dust, wind)
  • Suitable to both rigid and flexible composites, with good damping characteristics

2K injection allows us to customize how we manufacture each part, choosing the most appropriate technology to achieve the highest level of efficiency. 

Arkal is able to apply various 2K technologies to meet different requirements:

  • Simple design: After the first material is injected, each part is transferred to an adjacent mold for the 2nd material injection. This design is very cost efficient and simultaneously enables us to manufacture complex parts.
  • Horizontal Rotary Table: Efficient design for short parts.
  • Vertical Rotary Table: Efficient method for manufacturing long parts.
  • Core-Back: A very cost efficient, uses metal mechanisms to alter the part's shape in order to inject the 2nd material.

As each configuration has its own advantages, we select the most suitable production process depending on the target properties for each part.